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***Chocolate Truffle Pre-Orders***
Steampunk World's Fair Pick up

It's here! Truffle time! Tea and Absinthe is once again bringing exotic and delicious chocolate truffles to Steampunk World's Fair, including our famous Absinthe infused chocolate truffle.  And this year we have some new adventures to take your tastebuds on! New this year are:

Stouthearted - Infused with Guinness and featuring a malt topping for a nice foamy head

Champagne - Flavored with our favorite bubbly and just as shiny

And more! Nine flavors total and packed in a lovely little box (all of them gluten-free except Stouthearted). Every year we sell out earlier and faster (last year by Saturday night!) The best way to not miss out on your flavors is to Order Them Now!  Go to the SPWF Truffle Pre-Order page, and use the code PickMeUp at checkout (you can also add anything from our website to your order) Then you can relax and pick up your decadent chocolates at room #105 in the Radisson at the Fair. Pre-sales end Tue May 2ndat 11:59 pm.

Tea & Absinthe:  on the road again!

We're hitting the road for the month of January!  First stop is our lady love, New Orleans Comic Con. Then we hustle back north for our "home con", Arisia in Boston. Afterwards we hop across country to go vend at Edwardian Ball in San Francisco.  Whew what a trip! Please note that during this time, it's possible that some online orders will go out a few days later than usual. Come see us at a show or check our Event Calendar to see where we'll pop up nearby you.

Thank you all for your support and we wish you a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

-Daniel & Pacita

12 Days of Shopping!

Nessie Family

Greetings nerdy tea lovers! We hope you're all lolling about on the living room sofa in a tryptophane induced semi-coma today. Unless you're of the other inclination. You know, the kind of person that scours the papers for coupons, straps on their combat boots for shopping, or hunkers down in front of the computer ready to strike.

To make things easier, we've listed our sales below for the next 12 days to help with your plans and machinations. So feel free to enjoy your post turkey nap. With all the great gifts we have, your holiday shopping is well in hand.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Sunday (Just Sunday):
Free shipping on all orders of $15 or more. Use code "thanks" at checkout

Cyber Monday:
20% off entire site. Use code "cyber" at checkout

Nov 29-Dec 5:
10% off entire site. Use code "10percent" at checkout

Heroes of Science glasses back in stock!

We missed Ada Lovelace day. Sorry. Our math was off... But let's celebrate anyway! Our Heroes of Science pint glasses are back in stock. Get them now while supplies last. They're the perfect gift for science nerds!

We're also working on re-stocking and adding new goodies to the website so keep checking us out.  Or see us in person at our last two shows of the year; TeslaCon in Madison, WI and Chicago Tardis in Chicago, IL. Happy browsing!


Welcome to Tea & Absinthe!

Here you'll find Steampunk pocket watch tea infusers, Doctor Who Tardis Teas, Bunnies, absinthe spoons and glasses, gourmet science kits, and anything else our nerdy, geeky, retro-futurist hearts desire.

We're constantly updating the Event Calendar so watch where we'll be popping up next.

You can also join us on Facebook to keep track of our shenanigans!

See you at tea time,

-Daniel and Pacita

TARDIS 11 - Geronimo tea, and wonderful any time and space treat

Featured Flavor: TARDIS-11 Geronimo!

T-11 is a delicious black tea with vanilla cream custard flavor. Fish fingers not included. Goes well with TARDIS Self-Destruct Buttons (aka Jammie Dodgers)

Ingredients: black tea -Assam, -China, flavor, vanilla bits


It's the Glitch In The Matrix Sale!

Ahhhh the joys of being a small business. Sometimes glitches happen and you can't call IT (that's me) or HR (that's me too) or the CEO (yup, me again).  So at the moment, I'm SOL :) But there's a silver lining to this glitch in the Matrix. From now until the Matrix is defeated,  ALL SHIPPING IS $7. Yup, that's right.

Buying a heavy iron teapot? $7 shipping.
Buying 1 oz. of tea? $7 shipping.
Buying All the Tea and All the Things? $7 shipping. 

So take advantage of Agent Smith's dejavu
So take advantage of Agent Smith's deal and order now!

(aka Pacita)