Medicine Flask

Medicine Flask


Step right up, step right up!  There is a scourge facing the nation, and Dr. Quack, here, has just the miracle elixir you need.  Yes you, good sirs and madames!  Genuine, 100% gluten free, low-fat, non-GMO Snake Oil!  Cures what ails you, and prevents you from caring about Star Wars Spoilers!  Chock full of vitamins, minerals and exclamation points!!  (Contains no snakes, or oils, or ingredients. Not for use by imaginary numbers.  Do not taunt.  Avoid exposure to uranium, I mean, just in general.)

This 8 oz. Stainless Steel flask is laminated with a UV protective coating which is water (and alcohol) proof.

Every label is printed in the USA, and is laminated under liquid enamel at 200 degrees, making them completely alcohol proof and easy to clean.

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