Tardis 13

Tardis 13

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Change and continuity. This vanilla flavored herbal blend contains pH sensitive Butterfly Pea Flowers, which brew up a nice purplish blue; add milk and it shows off the blue, but add a touch of lemon juice and it turns pink!

(This tea likes to have more tea per water than a traditional black tea, so use not quite twice as much as you’d otherwise expect.)

Ingredients: apple pieces, carrot pieces, bean peels, ginger pieces, natural flavor, goji berries, raisins, butterfly pea blossoms, cornflower petals, vanilla pieces

Recommended steeping: 3-4 tsp per 12 oz 212°F water, 8-10 minutes, to taste

Small: approx 2 oz, Medium: approx 4 oz, Large: approx 8 oz, X-Large: approx 16 oz

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