ZZ LABBITS! Squishy, huggy, plushy, Labbits!

ZZ LABBITS! Squishy, huggy, plushy, Labbits!

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You may have seen our pet Mustache Bunny roaming around our store. He's kind of our companion and travels with us to all the conventions and shows we go to. Occasionally, he wears our top hats and monocles. And without fail, at *least* one person tries to buy him from us at every show.

We always turn them down because...well...he's *our* Labbit! But luckily we came across some friends of his. Now you too can have a Labbit of your own!

Choose either the Wee Labbit (7 in.) or the BIG Labbit (14 in). Top hats and monocles not included.

Care & Feeding Instructions:

Keep Labbit dry, he hates baths.
Don't overfeed Labbit, he will only get lazy and chubby.
Don't let Labbit watch too much television.
Keep Labbit away from the stove or the fireplace, his fur is enough to keep him warm.
Pet Labbit every day so he doesn't get lonely and run away to join the circus.

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