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Thank you DRAGONCON!

Hello, Tea & Absinthe fans!

DragonCon was wonderful, and so are all of you!  Thank you for receiving our new Hogwarts tea collection so warmly, not to mention our other new flavors.  We hope to update the website and add the new flavors soon, within a week.  As I type, we are taking a break as we roll back north towards Potterverse in Baltimore this weekend!

By the way, we've greatly reduced our online inventory and will be shipping out orders when we return from Potterverse so please keep that in mind when ordering from our website. If there's anything you want that you don't see, shoot us an e-mail and we'll let you know when and if we'll be able to get it too you.  See you at the Con!

Welcome to Tea & Absinthe!

Here you'll find Steampunk pocket watch tea infusers, Doctor Who Tardis Teas, Bunnies, absinthe spoons and glasses, gourmet science kits, and anything else our nerdy, geeky, retro-futurist hearts desire.

We're constantly updating the Event Calendar so watch where we'll be popping up next.

You can also join us on Facebook to keep track of our shenanigans!

See you at tea time,

-Daniel and Pacita

Tea & Absinthe:  on the road again!

We're hitting the again!  Waltham, Massachusetts, Orlando Florida, perhaps even Washington DC!  Check out our event calendar to see what Dan and 'Cita are up to.   

-Daniel & Pacita

***Thank You, Steampunk World's Fair!***

.As always, you, the Steampunk Community, has made SPWF one of our favorite events!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello!  Let's all do it again next year, but fewer flooded roads and less Presidential related traffic interference... 


Nessie Family

Look!  Nessie!  Wait, where'd she go?  Much like the "real" Nessie, our dino-ladles exist in pictures, but we can't quite find them in person.  Colander-spoon Mama Nessie, and tea-infuser Baby Nessie are still available, but the ladles are temporarily mythical... we'll send up a flare of something when the are back in stock.  

Heroes of Science glasses back in stock!

We missed Ada Lovelace day. Sorry. Our math was off... But let's celebrate anyway! Our Heroes of Science pint glasses are back in stock. Get them now while supplies last. They're the perfect gift for science nerds!

We're also working on re-stocking and adding new goodies to the website so keep checking us out.  Or see us in person at our last two shows of the year; TeslaCon in Madison, WI and Chicago Tardis in Chicago, IL. Happy browsing!


TARDIS 11 - Geronimo tea, and wonderful any time and space treat

Featured Flavor: TARDIS-11 Geronimo!

T-11 is a delicious black tea with vanilla cream custard flavor. Fish fingers not included. Goes well with TARDIS Self-Destruct Buttons (aka Jammie Dodgers)

Ingredients: black tea -Assam, -China, flavor, vanilla bits


It's the Glitch In The Matrix Sale!

Ahhhh the joys of being a small business. Sometimes glitches happen and you can't call IT (that's me) or HR (that's me too) or the CEO (yup, me again).  So at the moment, I'm SOL :) But there's a silver lining to this glitch in the Matrix. From now until the Matrix is defeated,  ALL SHIPPING IS $7. Yup, that's right.

Buying a heavy iron teapot? $7 shipping.
Buying 1 oz. of tea? $7 shipping.
Buying All the Tea and All the Things? $7 shipping. 

So take advantage of Agent Smith's dejavu
So take advantage of Agent Smith's deal and order now!

(aka Pacita)