***On the road again....***

We're loading up the van and packing TWO sets of costumes this time!

Pennsic - Jul 26-Aug 8
First, find us at Pennsic at space #87on the Street of Gold. We'll be there for the next two weeks living the medieval life, playing music, slinging tea, and dancing up a storm!

Steel City Con - Aug 8-10
Then, come meet us for geekiness at the Steel City Con! They have some great guests including Levar Burton, Billy Dee Williams, and Clare Kramer (for you Buffy fans)! Personally, I go to stock up on comic books; so many vendors! Click here for more info.

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Tip for enjoying Mardi Gras in New Orleans: Check out the parades.  SO MUCH STUFF!  Orpheus, Iris, Bacchus, Proteus... Chewbacchus!  Beads and floats and music; a great time.  (Bourbon Street, not so much.)

*FREE Beads with every order!*

So if you've ordered from us in the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed that your packages have a little something extra in them, a little "lagniappe" if you will. We had such a lovely time at Mardi Gras in New Orleans that we're sharing the fun with you! From now, until we run out of beads, every order placed on our website will receive some of our Mardi Gras swag.

And thanks for doing business with us. You're awesome :)

-Daniel & Pacita

News from days past...

*Surprise! We're in Boston this weekend!*

Surprise! A last minute addition to our schedule! We'll be at the Pop Culture Expo in Wilmington, MA this Memorial Day weekend. They have some especially cool guests including Kristian Nairn and Esme Bianco (Hodor & Ros from Game of Thrones)!!!


See you there!

*We're on our way to The Steampunk World's Fair!* May 16-18

Come join us at one of the best parties around! The Steampunk World's Fair is happening this weekend in Somerset, NJ. There is so much going on, we can't even begin to describe it. So here's a link! Check it out and come visit us in our shop at Room 107.

Daniel is also giving a lecture on tea at SPWF! Be sure to add it to your schedules!

The Bloody History of Tea
Friday 7:30pm
From the Boston Tea Party to the Opium Wars and beyond, tea has been pivotal in the making and breaking of fortunes and governments. Come experience the misery and valor instigated by a nice hot cup of tea.


With the end of Steampunk World's Fair, 2014, comes the long, desultory wait until the next shining opportunity to get Tea and Absinthe's chocolate truffles.  You can whet your appetite, though, looking at flavors past...


*Official sponsors of the Steampunk World's Fair Tea parties*

Did you know that www.TeaAndAbsinthe.com Are the official sponsors of the Steampunk Worlds Fair Teas?! That's right! Anyone who attends one of the three tea events will receive a gift certificate for a free half ounce of tea from our shop! Buy your tickets now as one of them has already sold out!