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Chocolate Truffle Pre-Orders for Wicked Faire

Tea and Absinthe brings gourmet chocolate truffles and caramels to precious few events, including this final Wicked Faire.  We have two new flavors this year - the "This Little Piggie" caramel and the "Negroni" cocktail infused truffle; as well as six tasty truffles you may have savored before, including the amazing Absinthe infused truffle. These always sell out.  There is only one way to be sure that you actually get the flavors you desire - order them now and pick them up at Wicked Faire.  Click here...

These truffles WILL NOT BE SHIPPED - the only way to to acquire these truffles is through pre-order or in person purchase, either way picked up at Wicked Faire.  See you there!

Welcome to Tea & Absinthe!

Here you'll find Steampunk pocket watch tea infusers, Doctor Who Tardis Teas, Bunnies, absinthe spoons and glasses, gourmet science kits, and anything else our nerdy, geeky, retro-futurist hearts desire.

We're constantly updating the Event Calendar so watch where we'll be popping up next.

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See you at tea time,

-Daniel and Pacita

Happy Holidays, Nerdy people! Time for Tea!

We've also added some new goodies to the shop including more Labbits and a Barware section with some lovely flasks. Be sure to take a look! Don't forget, if you want your items to arrive in time for Christmas, please place your order no later than Sun Dec 20 11:59 pm EST and we'll get your order out ASAP. The sooner the better though so order now!

It's the Glitch In The Matrix Sale!

Ahhhh the joys of being a small business. Sometimes glitches happen and you can't call IT (that's me) or HR (that's me too) or the CEO (yup, me again).  So at the moment, I'm SOL :) But there's a silver lining to this glitch in the Matrix. From now until the Matrix is defeated,  ALL SHIPPING IS $7. Yup, that's right.

Buying a heavy iron teapot? $7 shipping.
Buying 1 oz. of tea? $7 shipping.
Buying All the Tea and All the Things? $7 shipping. 

So take advantage of Agent Smith's dejavu
So take advantage of Agent Smith's deal and order now!

(aka Pacita)