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We're heading to DragonCon! You have until Sun 8/25 to place orders online. After that, orders will not ship until 9/9 when we return. (Or after Rose City Comic Con). See you there!

Also, we’re debuting a new tea at DragonCon! See us at booth #2425!



Ravenclaw, Crystal Gems, and Tardis 13 are all back in stock, and back on the website for ordering. Thanks for your patience! We thought we had brought enough for Pensacon, Emerald City Comic Con, and C2E2 but you blew us all away with your love. :-)

I am Groot is sold out for the time being and it will be about 2 months until it's back. Keep an eye out here for it's return. Happy drinking, Everyone!


On the Road Again!

Greetings Tea Friends! Tea and Absinthe is taking this show on the road again! We are heading to Pensacon, Feb 22-24, then on to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, March 14-17, and finally to C2E2 in Chicago, March 22-24, before heading back home! Some orders may be delayed during this time, as we travel. Check our Event Calendar for details about upcoming shows.

Also, some of our old favorite flavors are going away... Dark Chocolate Orange, Blueberry Rooibos, and Chocolate Mint are all in our "Limited Supply" section, and when they are sold out, they will be just a fond memory. Get yours while you still can!

See you on the road!

- Daniel and Pacita

Welcome to Tea & Absinthe!

Here you'll find Steampunk pocket watch tea infusers, Doctor Who Tardis Teas, Bunnies, absinthe spoons and glasses, gourmet science kits, and anything else our nerdy, geeky, retro-futurist hearts desire.

We're constantly updating the Event Calendar so watch where we'll be popping up next.

You can also join us on Facebook to keep track of our shenanigans!

See you at tea time,

- Pacita and Daniel


Hey, Tea Geeks, it’s Small Business Saturday!

Although after Turkey Day and Wolfenoot we’ve expanded around our middles a bit **burp**. We’ve also moved into a new storage/workspace! Here’s a pic of us being serious business people.

Thank you for supporting our nerdy tea adventures. In honor of Small Business Saturday we’re giving our friends 10% off $25 or more through Dec 1st. Just use code “2018THANKS” at checkout. We’ve updated the site a bit and added new merch so make with the clicky and have fun exploring


Flavor mash-up!

Today we mixed Queen of Hearts and Blueberry Rooibos together in a cup and it's blowing our minds!

...But watch out for the bunnies! Take our Christmas Labbits home before they drink all our tea! (I'm looking at you, Krampus Labbit)

Thank you NYCC!

New York Comic Con was better than ever, and that’s a pretty high bar to leap! Thanks to everyone! Our new Dr Who themed which we debuted at NYCC teas will be up shortly, so stay tuned.Coming November 2-4, we’ll see you at Rhode Island Comic Con.  Yay!One last thing, our Crystal Gems tea was mentioned on the GemTalk Podcast, that Daniel has been listening to. This lovely Steven Universe discussion and analysis show has been going for 105 episodes so far, and is still going strong. Thanks Shane and Ken! You guys rock!


Crystal Gems Tea Is Back!

It's here! It's here! It's here! The return of Crystal Gems Tea! This tea is blended exclusively for us. You can't get it anywhere else. A black tea with a delightful fruit flavor and crystallized flower petals and made of love! We'll have it available at Pennsic and Fan Expo Boston. But if you can't wait you can order some online. We've also put some new goodies up so take a look!

*** Life Hands You Lemons, We Make Tea ***

(November, 2017)  Well Tea & Absinthe Fans, It’s been a whirlwind.

First things first, apologies for any delays you’ve encountered ordering and receiving your tea. Pacita, ½ of Tea & Absinthe, had suffered a stroke last week and it’s been an incredibly scary time for us. If you’ve visited our booth in person, you’d know Pacita as the colorful vivacious force of nature often handling the register. Though this sudden illness has been a setback, she has been recovering beautifully no doubt carried by your many well wishes and positive vibes to which we are eternally grateful. We are also extremely grateful for your patience during this time. We hate knowing that we’ve dropped the ball in any way, realizing full well how important that familiar cup of tea can be. Rest assured you have not been forgotten! We will be dedicating our time to getting things back on track promptly. To that end, some important announcements:


Ah yes, the announcement you have all been waiting for, two of our favorite new teas (and more importantly Pacita and Jackie’s Hogwarts houses, respectively) are coming back in stock very soon. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to these new teas! I mean, we knew you’d love them but you guys REALLY LOVE THEM! 

That reminds me. THANK YOU FOR MAKING NEW YORK COMIC CON A HUGE SUCCESS! We had expanded our booth this past year and streamlined our pouring process and it seems it was just the ticket to get your orders on their way in record time. So much outpouring of love and appreciation we couldn’t have asked for a better show. New York Comic Con is always a doozy, so many people so many things going on but we couldn’t have asked for a better group of fans to spend it with. 

Last but not least, If you’ve seen us either at NYCC or Teslacon (which was also amazing), you’ll notice our brand spanking new tins! A change that is significantly better for storage, transport, and reusability! This does mean that we will be changing our prices to accommodate very soon, Thanksgiving Day to be precise.  But rest assured the price changes are minimal and we think its totally worth it. 

Well, this turned into a novel. But we’ve been gone for so long and we knew we owed you this update. Life these past few months has given us both sugar and lemons, now we make the lemonade (or maybe just a really yummy lemon tea... )

TARDIS 11 - Geronimo tea, and wonderful any time and space treat

Featured Flavor: TARDIS-11 Geronimo!

T-11 is a delicious black tea with vanilla cream custard flavor. Fish fingers not included. Goes well with TARDIS Self-Destruct Buttons (aka Jammie Dodgers)

Ingredients: black tea -Assam, -China, flavor, vanilla bits


It's the Glitch In The Matrix Sale!

Ahhhh the joys of being a small business. Sometimes glitches happen and you can't call IT (that's me) or HR (that's me too) or the CEO (yup, me again).  So at the moment, I'm SOL :) But there's a silver lining to this glitch in the Matrix. From now until the Matrix is defeated,  ALL SHIPPING IS $7. Yup, that's right.

Buying a heavy teapot? $7 shipping.
Buying 1 oz. of tea? $7 shipping.
Buying All the Tea and All the Things? $7 shipping. 

So take advantage of Agent Smith's dejavu
So take advantage of Agent Smith's deal and order now!

(aka Pacita)